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Veterans Relief Project started with the realization that without help, many Veterans are doomed to fall into drug and alcohol abuse, helplessness, and homelessness. VRP is here to provide the help Our Veterans and their families need to succeed. We offer help that doesn't exist for them after they serve. Most of all, we provide HOPE! 

Our mission is dependent on the generosity of the community. Your donations enable us to provide essential social services, civilian life training, job skills, and a return to a life they served to defend.


Housing, food, utilities, and social services are provided at no cost to the Veteran, however, the project takes MONEY to make these services happen. Please consider sponsoring the construction of a Cabin in our Transitional Housing Community or providing for the ongoing needs of our Veterans and their families.

Our Mission

To create an atmosphere where Veterans and, in some cases, families of veterans, can begin as normal a life as possible after the trauma they incurred while serving our country


Veterans Relief Project is designed to assist Veterans in assimilating back into society after serving our country.  VRP is committed to helping veterans suffering from PTSD, MST, AD, Survivors Guilt, and more. The project is not limited to Just coordinating veteran benefits, we also securing, housing, find medical care and employment opportunities for our heroes. We are providing drug and alcohol treatment, medical and dental clinics, and job training and placement.

By Creating a Community of Commitment, Comradery, and Cooperation, Our Veterans will receive the running start and hand up they need and deserve.  

The simple truth is it takes approximately two months to turn a civilian into a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine, but there are no services to turn them back into Civilians. Our service men and women are discharged and left to their own devices with little to no support. No, the VA is not responsible for assisting with the return to civilian life.


Here at Veterans Relief Project (VRP), We are helping Veterans assimilate back into civilian life after dedicating their lives to our Country's defense, safety, and security.  VRP is committed to Veterans experiencing disorders related to military service. We are working tirelessly to find those who need help and get them into stable housing, to find medical and psychological care, and fto employment opportunities for our heroes.

Veterans Relief Project is committed to putting veterans first and helping other veterans assistance programs to combat these issues.

Helping Veterans adjust to civilian life and access all the benefits to which they are entitled.

VRP sponsors events with the help of our partners organization

VRP is involved in a number of projects.

  •  PTSD Workshops

  • Clothing and Food Drives

  • Supporting Other Local Nonprofits 

  • Veterans' Transitional Housing Community.