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Veterans Relief Project is the bridge between Active Duty and Civilian life. Ssgt, Joseph Hardin Served for 10  years in the US Air Force. Seeing the plight of our veterans from every era, he started VRP as his way to give back to those who have given to us by serving in the US Armed Forces. (Those who need help or who want to continue to serve others through VRP Volunteerism.)  The road may be long, but the Bridge we must cross together and by doing so, we save our Veterans. Please, Donate Today


Help to make change
in the lives of those who served our country.

With each donation, you will help a Veteran get treatment. find housing, jobs.
With your help
, the largest network of Veterans services organizations will
continue to grow until every veteran gets the help they need and deserve. Today you can
become part of the solution. Click the donate button at the top of the page

Veterans Relief Project is dedicated to helping our Veterans with:


Veterans assessment (PTSD, AD, MST)

Treatment for PTSD, AD, MST

VA Benefits assistance

Housing assistance

Applications for disability submission

Program placement

Medical, Dental, Vision assistance

National benefits registration

Discount benefits (retailers)

Business licensing & training

Intervention (domestic violence)

Drug and alcohol treatment

Other services

VRP Transitional Housing Community




To create an atmosphere where Veterans and in some cases, families of veterans, can begin, as normal a life as possible due to trauma incurred while serving. Veterans Relief Project is designed to assist Veterans in assimilating back into society after serving our country.  VRP is committed to helping veterans suffering from PTSD, MST, and AD, and is not limited to coordinating veteran benefits.


VRP is creating housing, medical, and employment opportunities for our heroes. Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Medical and dental clinic, and job training and placement.

By creating a community of Commitment, Comradery, and Cooperation Our Veterans will receive the running start and hand up they need and deserve.  

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