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Joseph Hardin CEO/President

My passion is helping people.  It’s been my driving force all my life: both personally and professionally.  Through the years I’ve found being part of something bigger than I am is an awesome way to live.  After serving in the US Air Force for ten years and suffering many hardships, my entrepreneurial spirit took over.  I became a valued business member in Clark County Washington, volunteering in the community to help build strong kids by supporting our schools and education for all our kids. I coached in Cascade Little League, East County Baby Ruth, YMCA Youth Basketball, and Boy Scouts of America.


Now It's my honor and privilege to continue to serve those who have served us:  Our United State Veterans, their Families, and our Active Duty Men and Woman of the US Armed Forces.


Kimberly Jenkins Hardin, Medical Service Director/Benefits Coordinator

Kimberly has been an RN for over 20 years working with disabled Men, Woman, and Children. She studied and attained her Nursing degree from Portland Community College in Portland OR, one of the toughest Nursing Programs in the Country.  With her Passion for troubleshooting and caring for others made making the decision to have her as part of this team easy. Her goal is to ensure that All Veterans and their family members suffering from PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, and those who are Homeless gain the ability to live a healthy productive life free from their past experiences.   


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