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Q:  When was the project founded?

A:  The Veterans Relief Project was founded on October 2, 2017.


Q:  How was the organization founded and by whom?

A:  The Veterans Relief Project was founded by Joseph N Hardin, a former Ssgt USAF, who had to work through the maze of benefits out there for veterans. 


Q:  Is the project a legitimate charity?

A:  The VRP is a Washington State 501(c)3 nonprofits corporation.


Q:  Is there a VRP location near me?

A:  Currently, VRP operates virtually, and is working towards opening its first office in Clark County, Wash.  Our goal is to have a physical branch office in every state and US Territory to help service all US veterans.


Q:  Who qualifies to use the services?

A:  All veterans plus Merchant Marines, spouses of Veterans and there minor children qualify for our services.


Q:  How can I get involved?

A:  The best ways to get involved are to make monthly donations and volunteer.  We need volunteers to help process our services as well as acting as a liaison with corporate sponsors.


Q:  What types of services do you provide?

A:  Follow our link to our services page.


Q:  I don’t support war; why should I get involved?

A:  Supporting VRP is not the same as supporting a war.  Our Veterans need our help.  They endured the ravages of service, and have been left out in the cold by our government.  We help our Veterans and their families become civilians following their active service when there is nothing else out there that does what we do.


Q:  What percentage of my donation goes to the project?

A:  Based on our projected goal for donations during 2018, eighty-two percent of donations will go directly to the services for Veterans.  Our goal is to keep our operating costs less than 10% of donations, which would include salaries, office space, utilities, sundries, equipment, and office supplies.


Q:  How do I sign up for a monthly donation?

A:  Just click on the donation button, and you can set up your donations; or you can set up a monthly donation distribution through your bank; or you can send us a check, cashier check, or money order to;


Veterans Relief Project

2210 W Main Street, Suite 107, Box 267

Battleground WA 98604

or you can call us at …….


Q:  Can I make a donation in honor of someone?  Will they receive notification?

A:  Yes.  Just call our office, and we can set that up.


Q:  Is my donation mentioned in a summary letter?

A:  Once your donation is processed, you will receive a confirmation email of your donation amount and the date your payment will be deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit card.


Q:  When do I receive a receipt for my donation?

A:  A receipt is sent via email following the actual donation.


Q:  When do I receive a tax letter for my annual donations?

A:  All tax letters go our in January.


Q:  How do I list VRP in my will?

A:  Talk to your estate attorney about listing the VRP as a beneficiary in you will.


Q:  How do I donate my home or other real property?

A:  Donating property needs to be done through an attorney or a title company, depending upon which state you reside.  You can contact our office, and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can with your donation of real property, vehicles, boats, or air miles. 


Q:  How do I submit a matching donation to my employer?

A:  Our office can help you with this.  We will set up the terms of the amount and duration, and we will set up a log to show all the information.




9.  How We Are Funded will take the person to the BOGO and Print Shop options as well as allow people to donate.  Please allow for linking to the BOGO and to the Print Shop, as well as the option to return back to the myvrp website.  


Where you set up for donations, we need it to read:


We need your help.  Our heroes with MST, AD, and PTSD need your help!  Our Veterans and active duty military deserve better.  Please consider a monthly gift or donation of $20, $50, or even $100.  Or if you have a business, you can set-up a business sponsorship of $100, $200, or even $500 and more.



Please help.  Our Veterans need your help!  Please donate today.

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