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What have we been up to?

Things never seem to slow down in spite of COVID. Veterans still are in need of so much and we have been helping Last week I got a call from a Veteran in FL at 2am who needed our help. He is all but shut in and was in desperate need for help to purchase a little food and Toilet Paper. I know it seems a little funny to contact us for help at 2am but it was a crisis for him. We had a heck of a time getting him what he needed but success at 3am when we got him some money wired to him that he could pick up at the 7 Eleven across the street from where he was staying. Thanks to paypal we were able to get him the funds VRP sent in a timely fashion.

So Whats Next?

Well I (Founder of VRP) have been working on a project to help Veterans who may be homeless or in need of psychiatric help for PTSD, AD, MST or Job retraining. This is what next project will look like in a nutshell. We will have this project up and running in the next 120 days But we need your help to accomplish it. Please consider becoming a monthly partner at $40 per month? Take a look at what you will be helping with:

VRP Transitional Housing Community


To create an atmosphere where Veterans and in some cases, families of veterans, can begin, as normal a life as possible due to trauma incurred while serving our country.

Veterans Relief Project is designed to assist Veterans in assimilating back into civilian life. VRP is committed to helping veterans suffering with PTSD, MST, and AD, and is not limited to coordinating veteran benefits. We are creating housing, medical, and employment opportunities for our heroes.

Drug and Alcohol treatment, Medical and dental clinic, and job training and placement.

By creating a community of Commitment, Comradery, and Cooperation Our Veterans will receive the running start and hand up they need and deserve.

Land and Buildings

Lot size 5-20 Acres

VRP Community

The Community Center will be Approx. 3000 Sq. Ft and will house admin Offices for VRP (4 offices) and the Community (2 offices) (intake lobby), classroom, therapy and exam rooms, Nurses Office (Med Pass), a commercial kitchen and dining facilities. Dining area will also be used for group meetings, therapies, and instruction.

Residential housing will consist of cottages (50 units) (Purchased for the first few (8-10) residence) then manufactured in-house through our Contractor instruction course. Residences will range in size from 350 sq. ft. - 599 sq. ft. Each unit will have a kitchenette with built in Microwave and coffee pot, (No other cooking will be allowed in the residence), dorm sized refrigerator/freezer, Shower and toilet. Each unit will be built in a configuration of Studio, 2 and 3 sleeping area’s one of which will consist of a loft (Loft sleeping area). Living quarters will be placed in a parklike setting to give residence a feeling of pride and sense of belonging

Community Income Producing projects

3-6 Hydroponic Greenhouses with an area for 6, 20x60 ft Greenhouses. In Conjunction with Jeri Bee Good Farmers will teach these new farming techniques to grow healthy produce for the Transitional community as well as for sale to local Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and the General Public.

Manufacturing of Tiny Houses for sale and use in the Community, an enclosed pole building will house the manufacturing of tiny houses and maintenance and fabrication of facilities we might need. Partnerships have been formed with Local Contractors to teach and possibly employ program participants through the Contractor training course. These courses will consist of carpentry (Rough and Finish), Plumbing, electrical, and landscaping design. This program will teach principles and practices of construction, reading blueprints, and practical applications to build Tiny houses for sale and to be permanently affixed to the property keeping VRP’s cost of new residential housing expansion to a minimum.

Wrap up.

Partnering with VRP will positively impact the lives of our hurting Veterans. As VRP grows the more Veterans we can save. and this month for every recurring donation of $20 $40 even $100 per month we will send you a VRP Red Shirt Friday Polo Just click the donate button and we will

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