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VRP Transitional Community: 

VRP Transitional Community is a clean and sober place where Veterans can come and find help for the many Modalities that drive them to use drugs and alcohol and feel left out of our society in general after serving. This campus will House as many as 250 residences (In Tiny Houses), a Training, and Office Facility, Recreational Area (Park and Picnic Area). Our goal is to work with Homeless Shelters, Detox Centers, Counselors, Clergy and other Veterans Groups to find our Struggling Veterans who need help and give them the ability to live life in a  manner they served to protect for all Americans, Happy, Healthy and Productive. Once they have completed their transition and move into permanent housing we can open up a place for another Veteran.


Will you support VRP with a $20 $40 $100 per month donation.  Our Veterans need your help

  • Suicide rates increased for Veterans, underscoring the fact that suicide is a national public health concern that affects people everywhere.

  • To prevent veteran suicide, we must help reduce veterans’ risk for suicide before they reach a crisis point and support those who are in crisis, This requires the expansion of treatment and prevention services and a continued focus on innovative crisis intervention services.

  • It also requires effective networks of support, communication, and care across the communities where veterans live and work.

  • It's up to you to make a difference Donate today.

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