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We are currently looking for property to build the first homeless Veterans  Recovery Community. VRP in conjunction with those who have partnered with us will create a tiny home village where Homeless Veterans can gain dignity and self-respect by getting off the streets and into a temporary place they can call there own while we help them find a new positive path. Job training, Addiction Recovery, PTSD and Adjustment Disorder Counseling, and Suicide Intervention. This will be the first step for many of our Veterans to lead a productive and Joy-filled life. Like the ones, they served to defend, OUR. Help us with your Generous Monthly Donation TODAY 

Be our next Sponsor

Thank you to these amazing Business partners:


GHP Milling, Portland OR.



Avebury Mystikals INC, 

Bremerton WA



VRP Sponsors PTSD workshop's These are held at various locations and put on by a partner of VRP. Free to attend these Workshops are Life transformational


VRP Transitional Community. This is a $3.7 million undertaking that will help get Veterans off the streets and out of bad situations


Help Military and Veterans families with emergency food, Clothing, toiletries, and emergency housing. Working with VRP's resources and partner orginazations.


VRP Veterans Volunteer Force. We have the ability to assemble a force of Veterans to help in case of a Natural Disaster or a figurative "Barn Raising" We are here to help and assist in many ways


Help Veterans receive the benefits they deserve. Most  Veterans don't know the benefits they are entitled too. From Housing (VA Backed Mortgage) Medical and disability benefits, We will help them through the maze of paperwork and the Benefits they EARNED!


Awareness Campaign. Most Americans know about Veterans plight but believe the VA is the answer. They are sadly mistaken. We will through many media forms including TV, Radio and Social Media to give them a clear understanding of what our returning Hero's face every day and how the can help. you can start with a donation or become a part of one of our Volunteer forces.


Detox then Vocational Training, Addiction is nothing more than Self Medication for PTSD/AD. After detox and proper Medication if necessary, their Military Job Specialty is matched and convert into an ivilian Job.

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