VRP Transitional Housing Community


We need land and buildings.

Lot size: 20-200 acres


The Community Center will be approx. 3000 sq. ft. and will house the administrative offices for VRP (4) and the Community (2) (intake lobby), classrooms, therapy and exam rooms, Nurses' station, a commercial kitchen, and dining facilities. The dining area will also be used for group meetings, therapies, and instruction.


Residential housing will be group housing. Living quarters will be placed in a park-like setting to give the residents a feeling of pride and a sense of belonging


Community Income Producing Projects


Approximately 3-6 hydroponic greenhouses will help to provide food for the residents and income for the project.  These greenhouses will be run in conjunction with Jeri Bee Good Farmers who will teach these new farming techniques to grow healthy produce for the Transitional community as well as for sale to the local restaurants, grocery stores, and the general public.


Construction of tiny houses for sale and use in the community will be in an enclosed pole building Partnerships have been formed with local contractors to teach and possibly employ program participants through the contractor training course. These courses will consist of carpentry (rough and finish), plumbing, electrical, and landscaping design. This program will teach principles and practices of construction, reading blueprints, and practical applications to build tiny houses for sale.

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